Product Review : Adidas adipower Weightlifting Shoes


adiPower Weightlifting Shoes

By Adidas

Price: $200.00 /  Shipping Included






In the sport of weightlifting the type of shoes you wear are very important. Weightlifting shoes have acompletely flat sole. This allows the lifter to create more force against the lifting platform, and generate more power. The reinforced heels allow the lifter to get nice and low in their squat without any "give". 


I have purchased weightlifting shoes from Adidas online before, the Power Lift Trainer and the 

Powerlift 2.0. Both are very good shoes and retail for $90.00. The adiPowers retail for $200.00, and to me personally that is a lot of money to spend on a pair of shoes, much less a pair of weightlifting shoes.  But when my birthday rolled around this past January the good folks at Adidas e-mailed me a 20% off coupon, so with a $40.00 discount in hand I figured there was no better time to upgrade to their top of the line shoe.


My shoes arrived via UPS 4 days after ordering.  To say that I am impressed by the quality of these shoes is an understatement. For such a lightweight shoe they deliver heavy duty performance . They ooze stability and durability. The adiPower features Adidas' Torsion System which allows for better mid-foot support. The heels are made of polymer, a lightweight but incredibly strong plastic. They are also very well vented with VentFlowopenings on the toes, heel and mid-foot. I have a fairly wide foot but they fit true to size. The adiPower comes in one color, "Core Energy".


 I have had 10 opportunities to use these shoes since my purchase and I am quite pleased. The amount of stability they provide is exceptional, especially considering how comfortable they are. The way these shoes are built I'm certain I will get plenty of good use from them for years to come. For the quality and performance I'm getting, I feel my money was well spent.


I give the adiPower a rating of 5 stars out of 5.




Photos by Adidas