Food, like air and water, is central to our health. However, most adults marginalize its importance or rationalize how and what they choose to eat daily. What we have gotten in return is low energy and moodiness individually and sky rocketing health care costs nationally.

In our bid to control ourselves, we have turned eating and cooking into a chore, full of restrictions and warnings. Obesity rates have been climbing all the while, showing us that this strategy does not work, because it is not sustainable.

The professionals at can show you how to make an abundance of good food work for you by teaching you about the links between what you put into your body and what you are able to get out of it, energetically and biochemically.

Choosing your diet — the foods you eat each day — is as important as choosing to get enough rest or varying your exercise regimen. Whether you are a "picky eater" or a "gourmet cook" we can guide you toward a diet that fits your needs and tastes. Our individualized approach will keep you on track with recipes and frank discussions of our emotional ties to foods that can sabotage us, even when we are doing everything else right. Plus, we will help you choose good food for work and while traveling, which often thwart our best efforts to stay on track.