28 Day Primal Challenge Results

I have completed my 28 days of no grains, processed foods or added sugar. I started at 184.8 pounds and finished at 177.9 pounds. My net weight/fat loss was a respectable 6.9 pounds and I lost a combined total of 12 3/4 inches. What really surprised me was the nice, even flow of my mood and energy levels. It was much more than I expected. Even more important, I was never hungry or felt deprived. I did have my "cheats". Once a week I drank a "Dr. Pepper 10" and on day 24 I ate 4 chocolate chip cookies. I could have probably done without any of them, but hey, I'm human.

 As you can see from the photos below my face looks almost puffy on day 1 compared to days 14 and 28, despite the fact that I have a fairly high level of fitness. With the amount of inches I lost and the noticeable changes in my face it really puts a fine point on how inflammatory sugar can be.

Week one I exercised for 4 hours and lost 3.5 pounds. Week two I exercised less than 3 hours and lost 2.2 pounds. Week three I exercised in excess of 6 hours and lost no weight. Week four I exercised 5 to 6 hours and lost 1.2 pounds. Truly a case of "less is more".

In the past I've eaten pretty well (primal/paleo) on a consistent basis but I know I've allowed more sugar in my diet than I should have. About 4 years ago I noticed a big change in my metabolism. I could no longer eat whatever I wanted and drop weight at will, and it was getting much tougher to get rid of fat. Being leaner is a great by product of no sugar or grains but my long term goal is to minimize or eliminate the sinus infections I have been getting so frequently the past few years.

Another lost pound or 2 would have been great but I'm pleased with my results. I'm thinking 172 pounds (where I was 5 years ago) would be an ideal weight for me so I will stay the course and continue to document my progress.